How to Play

There are 267 cards which are divided into 6 original pictures depicting the native flora and fauna of 6 different areas in the United States. The Equipment, Safe, Skill and Situation cards have safety or preparedness information on each card. Game play starts with an Environment card which is used for the entire game. This card gives the duration of the trip, weather conditions and location, including the elevation. Each player starts with an Equipment Cache card and then chooses several more Equipment cards to compliment their resources as they anticipate their needs, knowing the Environment card. 

At each dice roll, players move their token to colored locations on the track and may acquire more Equipment, Safe, and Skill cards. These cards are used to resolve the Situation cards which are picked when landing on a space with yellow.The color coding on the cards and track makes play easier for younger players. The goal of each game is not to race home but acquire knowledge and skills along the way. The goal of Live By Your Wits™ is to underscore the importance of being prepared and to increase your understanding of how immediate decisions may impact both your long and short term survival. 


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