About Us

Owl's Nest Games™ headquarters is located in the village of Free Union, VA. Surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Linda Uihlein, Head Owl and creator of Owl's Nest Games™ has drawn inspiration for the games from her many decades of adventures and rescue work.

She has over 32 years of experience as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician and over a decade in canine search and rescue. The Owl's Nest Games™ company created an innovative teaching tool using a FUN learning environment.

OWL, as the Game Manufacturers refer to Owl's Nest Games™ are ALL USA MADE games. The Live By Your Wits™ Series covers hiking, cycling, and skiing. The upcoming Rehearsal Series covers real life events (fire, flood, tornado).


Owl's Nest Games™ LLC, PO Box 248, Free Union, VA 22940
W: 434-979-7257 O: 434-973-6015 Cell (traveling only) 434-989-0304

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